Friday, January 30, 2009

Too Late At Night Department: Enjoy A Cheezy Christian Video From The 1980's With A Great Message

After finishing a long and grueling reedit of some pages on the website, after 10 numbing hours of work helping Mr. Whirlpool support our ministry, I wanted to try to start getting a post up about a lot of the troubling things of the End that daily confront us which we all pretty much ignore as we slouch to Gommorrah. However, in lieu of sobering commentary about our apostate age which my tapped out intellect refuses to assemble, thought I just would let a video do some talking.

Yeah, it's the Seventy Sevens. With a pretty silly Christian video from the mid 1980's. This was featured on our YouTube channel and I'm grasping at straws as my brain misfires here. But I gotta get something out there .. and I hope this gives someone visiting the blog who sees "the light" pouring in from blacklit holes of spiritual corruption a chuckle .. or a cuff of the ears.