Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rob Bowman's Done It Again: Read His Study On The Doctrine Of The Trinity

Twenty years ago, Christian researcher Robert Bowman put together one of the finest study outlines I think I've ever seen that helps illuminate the Christian doctrine of the Trinity from a purely Biblical stand point. It is - quite probably - one of the finest Christian resources to trace the revelation of God in Three Persons you'll ever find. Robert's now updated and streamlined it and you are just a mouseclick away from one of the most valuable study resources I think you can find today outside the Bible itself.

Between all of his travel, ministry, research and labor in apologetics, one wonders when this man sleeps! Our congratulations to Rob's promotion to executive directorship of the Institute for Religious Research, one of the finest Christian countercult ministries on the planet. We expect IRR's already vast accomplishments in Christian apologetics to excel even further, bringing greater light upon the Christian faith when contrasted against the heretical and divisive work of the cults!

To read Rob's magnum opus, a newly revised version, click HERE and bring an open Bible, an open mind and the Holy Spirit into your study!