Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Signs Of The Apostasy Department: When Cults Freely Use The Media To Enslave Souls

Expecting the Fox News Channel to exercise a little bit of discernment would be like asking a teenage boy to respect your daughter if she looked and dressed like Angelina Jolie when they go to the drive in showing an "American Pie" Triple Feature.

You know he'll both swear up and down he will but you're going to be just a wee bit skeptical for some reason.

So when we received another email advising us that cult leader Gwen Shamblin was again going to be on Fox's The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet to contribute what the show's website characterizes as "engaging segments about topics relating to viewers’ lives," we didn't think it was going to be a show in which hosts Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy were going to "lend their dynamic personalities" to a probing exploration of Gwen Shamblin's grotesque and authoritarian theology that has destroyed lives all across America. The Angelina Factor kicked in.

The website said that Mike and Juliet instead would lead "discussions about hot topics in pop culture; family-focused subjects such as women’s health, fashion, parenting and relationships; and general entertainment." And I am sure that the discussion wasn't more different then the last TWO .. not one but TWO .. visits to Fox News to spread Gwen's gospel of dietary purification which would inevitably lead astonied converts to "the truth."

Fox needs to revise their website to include the caveat

".. and general entertainment, including being a media whore for the gratification of cult leaders' lusts to spiritually rape and pillage the lives of potentially millions of people."

That would be a bit more accurate .. and what would be an advance of truth in media.
I just had to drop Mikey and Jules a note on their website which you can do here also if you like:

How does it feel to be a tool of a cult leader who thinks your city was a target of God's judgment on 9/11 and uses your show for her recruitment drive?

What's it like knowing you've been punked by Gwen Shamblin as she tries to turn the world's overweight women into clones of herself who lick salt off potato chips like her and in the process divide families, destroy marriages and put them in psychological, spiritual and emotionally coercive and scarring settings?

It's called Google. Do you know about this strange but unusual perspective on things? Have your interns or production assistants heard about it?

How does that sit with you, Mike? Do you sleep good at night Juliet? It's always easier after the first time to lose that troubling little flicker of guilt at the edge of your conscience, isn't it?

Do you watch Geraldo, by the way? You guys might mosey down the cubes there and do lunch with the producers there and ask about Gwen Shamblin. Just don't be gnoshing on a Nathan's when you do. I guarantee you'll not feel well afterwards.