Friday, January 16, 2009

"Join Us": Quite Possibly Another Best Video On Cultism Of All Time

December was a tough time for me. Some personal struggles contributed to an inability to do any further blogging since November. But, by the sheerest grace of God in Christ by the Spirit, I hope to blog more regularly this new year. I hope that aside from reporting on the end time apostacy that continues to march across the land, that more of the grace that much more abounds where sin runs rampant will shine through here.

Starting with my shamelessly whole hearted endorsement of what I think is quite possibly "another" best video on cultism of all time.

I've heard about this movie for a year or so, but finally stumbled across a promotional clip for it on the Vision TV network, a Canadian cable system, as they were remembering the 30 year anniversary of the Jonestown horror, something that for all too many is ancient history about "those people" on the fringe, wackos they'd NEVER get involved with.

Once I viewed this harrowing and haunting clip, I was absolutely owned. When I saw Liz Shaw of Wellspring involved and saw what had to be the long, winding almost endless back country roads leading to Wellspring (we know because Joy and I have been there), I knew immediately this was going to be a powerful work. That word doesn't come close to describing how profoundly, utterly absorbing this film became for us.

The DVD cover for the film, which you can buy, says

"There are thousands of cults in America. This is the story of one of them."

The story is actually far from over ..

For more information on the film and the people whose haunted lives are so vividly captured in it, visit the official website for "Join Us" and catch even more clips of the movie.

We are hoping to secure permission for a showing of "Join Us" in Cleveland within the next couple of months. Stay tuned!