Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mitt Romney's Institutional Racism: Sorry, Wrong Skin Color

No one's asking Mitt Romney the questions he needs to be answering, which might shed light upon the measure of his ability to lead the United States in a Presidential role .. such as why he hasn't fessed up to his role in the institutional racism of the Mormon Church.

In 1978, the Mormon Church finally decided that its black members could hold priesthood offices that essentially affirmed their status as honest to God human beings of equal worth before their god Elohim. In that year, the long standing and binding rejection of any black LDS member participation in these higher levels of Mormon spiritual hierarchy was finally officially set aside - thanks, of course, to the dictates of Elohim by a "divine revelation" commanding that the practice be stopped. The LDS theology that relegated black people to a second class status has never been repudiated, though.

And Romney has been part of the spiritual machinery of Mormonism that helped perpetuate that.

Don't believe me. Get the facts. For an excellent overview of how thickly this legacy has congealed around the feet of Romney, click here for an excellent video discussing this, click here.