Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Deconstruction Of An Atheist: Following Evidence Can Be Enlightening

Reasons To Believe is one of the wonderful group of Christians in the Body of Christ who are devoted to the noble task of defending the faith from a more classical apologetics stance that grapples head on with the challenges posed by skeptical question and secular attack. These are the kinds of issues raised by agnostics, atheists and those raised in the postchristian era we live in that is becoming as pagan and devoid of the Judeo-Christian frame or theistic reference to reality that we've taken for granted. This is the kind of worldview that our secular age on this side of the Enlightenment has come to increasingly prefer, one in which Christianity is just one of many choices in the metaphysical marketplaces that's been tasted and found wanting.

So when one of atheism's most erudite spokesmen, British philosopher and author Anthony Flew announced that he was abandoning atheism for a theistic worldview that posited the existence of a Creator a few years ago, there was no little fanfare in those corners of the world where secular atheism has reigned as its own religion of reason.

You can read how Mr. Flew arrived at his conclusion by clicking HERE.