Friday, February 6, 2009

California Screamin: The LDS Church Once Again Under Scrutiny

Since the furor over the November, 2008 passage of Proposition 8 in California has ignited a full scale cultural conflagration between the left and the right over the issue of gay marriages, it has been noised abroad that the LDS Church was one of the co-belligerants with Roman Catholic and Protestant organizations that banded together to advocate votes against it. Like never before, the LDS Church has been dragged out front and center before the public in piercing scrutiny since the wrath of gay activism in the state has been incurred.

Thanks to this recent post by our good friend and mentor Paul Carden of the Centers For Apologetics Research, we can quickly share some links for, as he puts it, "outstanding commentary on what's happening in the world of Mormonis." He wrote in a recent email that "you can't afford to miss "Mormon Coffee":

Recent posts:

Is Mormonism Christian? Two Views
The October 2008 edition of First Things contains a lengthy article titled, “Is Mormonism Christian?” The article is in two parts. The first was written by LDS Seventy Bruce D. Porter and takes one position; Christian professor and author Gerald R. McDermott wrote the second part, concluding with a different opinion.

Joseph Smith and the Magical Autumnal Equinox

The Fruit of “Fanatical Earnestness”: The Testimony of the Eight Witnesses

Feeling Lucky? The Probability of Exaltation

... thanks Paul. You might want to read more about the Proposition 8 furor in California and its resultant social and political fallout. Check this link and this one out ..