Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spiritwatch Ministries At The Village Bible Church, Carol Stream in March!

On Sunday March 17 and March 24, I will be speaking twice to a joint Sunday School class and preaching to the congregation of the Village Bible Church of Carol Stream, Illinois. I deeply appreciate Pastor Ray Gurunian's openness to our ministry and am seeking the Lord for what He would have me share there on cults and apologetics.

This will be in the context of Village Bible's annual missions conference. This fellowship of believers believes passionately in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and supports several missions works, including that of Rodgers Atwebembeire, one of the frontline missionaries of the Center For Apologetics Research, a unique countercult and apologetics ministry aimed at equipping Christian ministers and leaders in mission fields around the world. This is truly cutting edge ministry for which I am thankful to have some small part in our world today and I thank God for Paul Carden, the fine man of God who has founded CFAR after leaving a fruitful ministry in the organization Walter Martin created. 

For information on times and directions, click here.

The Light At The End of The Tunnel Has Arrived

I have returned home .. finally, by the sheerest grace of God.

I now live back in the Northwest Indiana city of Hammond, where my walk with God, the ministry and my life are undergoing a complete transformation and rebooting. I cannot begin to express how joyous a moment this has been and a turn in my life I have long, long prayed for and waited for.

It was a pleasure to serve the Southeast parts of Tennessee and North Georgia in discernment ministry (and in fact, we travelled all over the Southeast itself to meet and minister with people there).  I never thought I'd ever have stayed there so long, since 1986 and after 5 years of life at that furnace called Lee College, now Lee University. But the Lord had other plans for me that went completely out of the box and put me on the path of discernment and countercult ministry. As I've shared here, God sovereignly put me on this path squarely on a cold fall night in 1993. 

I cannot but follow where He has led.

Now that I have arrived back home, I am prayerfully assessing my next steps. Traditional parish ministry in my Church of God roots is where I am going to be establishing myself in. But the work of discernment goes on. The work of evangelism remains unfinished and the work of edifying a church shattering under its own immaturity, carnality and sufferings of abuse remains far from started, let alone finished.

Stay in touch, folks. The ministry continues to the glory of God. I'll post again later tonight, God willing.

Ok, Remnant moles. You can copy this for your records if you like.