Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Another Day In The Apostasy, Part 3,867: Gay "Orthodoxy" and "Orthopraxy"

Orthodoxy is compliance to a set of beliefs that are viewed as normal and orthopraxy are those practices which stem from these normal beliefs. To deviate from these things gets you anything from raise eyebrows to verbal burnings at the stake.

You can realize how far things have gone toward the endtime apostasy when you can read of the latest ripping of a Christian who takes a public stands against homosexuality and the exaltation of those who demand it be accepted as "normal." This is the new orthodoxy and orthopraxy of the spirit of the age. Woe be to those who dare cross their paths with anything like an objection.

That's because, it seems, those who cross it get noticed and dispatched pretty quickly. Kirk Cameron, one-time 1980's TV actor and Christian actor, was quoted in a recently aired CNN interview as saying of homosexuality that he believed it was "unnatural":

"I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

Such a verboten opinion, spoken so directly in a secular media spotlight controlled by liberal interests utterly given to affirming, protecting and militating against any perspective that might question its infallible worldview, was a red flag waved in the face of a herd of bulls. Within hours, Cameron was demonized as an antisocial misanthrope by gay rights organizations, movie stars and the entire blogosphere - while new klieg lights were shone upon the inspiring magnimity displayed by Hollywood's rallying for the Cause.

Homosexuality may have been permitted or smiled at throughout ancient pagan culture and history, but no pre-Christian civilization that advanced humanity to any degree has ever arisen that viewed homosexual family units as a basic building block of its society. Monogamous heterosexual relationships that founded stable social systems were the norm. The social conventions of today that the politically correct elites of today demand - which include same sex marriage, parenting and the social infrastructure that empowers them - were never relevant then and should not be so today. This is what Cameron was getting at. While heterosexual monogamy and romance is rapidly becoming as subject to fickle relational change that views open marriage, swinging and free divorce as part of modern life, it still is where society is advanced. Homosexuality is a sterile social option that does not result in family units and neighborhoods that are more or less stable. Proceeding as it does now, society will indeed begin to find more undue pressure on it than ever before because of it's willingness to recognize instability as a new building block for its already morally corrupt heterosexual culture. For this reason, homosexuality was recognized as being a deviant form of human relationship that Scripture condemns but that of course is no longer the way things are viewed now, of course.

For Christian objections to this kind of gender bending have no place in society, as one Christian employee of a Macy's in San Antonio, Texa found out last year at Christmas time. Foolish, benighted woman! She should have known that in the New Orthodoxy of the last days apostacy, that gays, lesbians and "transgendered" people are "who God created them to be and are authentically living it out", as the Reverend Mick Hinson of a local branch of the Metropolitan Community Church. To imply a man in makeup and woman's clothing is not a woman smacks of intolerance to the indignant pro gay culture, when actually it's a sign of people whose minds are so open that their brains have fallen out.

The Christian objection to homosexuality has long ago been deftly redefined as "outdated bigotry and hatred for those who are different" according to one analysis offered by the noted social commentator and cultural engineer Perez Hilton. He ended his lament of Kirk's "intolerance" with a righteous snort that 

We'd say that those qualities are far more "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization" than homosexuality could ever be, wouldn't you, Kirk?

It is they who are the true champions of "real tolerance" and "meaningful diversity" - such as the Chicago Theological Seminary, a seminary of the United Church of Christ, the same denomination that the good Reverend Jeremiah Wright, one time pastor of President Barach Obama, has been a part of for decades. The gay rights movement has long ridden the coat tails of the civil rights movement to gain the cultural wedge it has exploited to make racial equality and sexual orientation a part of "basic human rights."

You can read here what it means to be a part of this new "orthodoxy/orthopraxy" at the Chicago Theological Seminary. It's just another day in paradise .. before the end comes. Homosexuality has been, is and forever will be, according to Scripture, a sinful practice no worse than any other. It doesn't matter who says so or how many voices go quiet on it. The Word of God is still plain about it .. and that judgment will fall upon those who engage or support it.

So regardless what anyone, including Clint Eastwood, may say,  God's Word stands unchanged. The new gay orthodoxy and orthopraxy may do or say what it will, but I will stand on His Word alone - even as the endtime apostasy continues its slouch to Gommorrah.