Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Fivefold Ministry And Spiritual Abuse - Resources Coming!

We have been inundated through the years with a LOT of requests for help, counsel and teaching on the subject of spiritual abuse as inflicted by those of the "five fold ministry" and have unfortunately have found ourselves really unable to find the time to deliver on it.

That is about to change.

We are working feverishly to provide - at long last, after 10 years of starting and stopping - a webbed version of teaching we've done on how the horrible spectre of spiritual or religious abuse has become a materialized monstrosity that quietly lurks in the shadows of many Pentecostal and Charismatic churches. We hope to have the first 3 of 4 articles on it completed in the next week or so, finally uploaded and updated from the present ones still on the site.

In 1998, I did a talk on this at the EMNR Chicago Conference on Biblical Discernment about the same time I started our ministry website. The learning curve and time we spent preparing, designing and uploading a variety of articles and PDF tracts was enormous, as well as research into the now moribund Prophecy Club - not to mention a lot of assistance offered to victims of fivefold ministry-inflicted abuses. And then the rise of the Remnant Fellowship cult pretty much kept us digging deep into the rabbit hole that Gwen Shamblin dug for the church to fall into from 2002 onward (during the post 9/11/2001 days I don't mind telling you that we were stunned for several weeks afterward, which is far better than what many 9/11 victims experienced.

So now, we're finally making the time to get this done. We hope to stream an excerpt of a DVD we're now doing of my teaching there in the next week or so also.