Sunday, March 18, 2012

Truth About Cults Is Still Truth About Cults - No Matter Where You Find It

There's nothing more pithy or provocative then those little portable bits of advice we can hear in modern proverbs. Sayings. Portable bits of advice. Folk wisdom. They are always so cautionary. Sometimes they turn up on places as diverse as toilet stalls to church signs. But they leave you thinking and mulling over an insightful thought given to you in a highly compact form.

So as a blogger began to share her own personal views about her personal exploration of the Remnant Fellowship cult via the Weigh Down Workshop, and finally her own ultimate conclusions about it, one wonderful proverb comes to mind:

There's nothing more tragic than to see a beautiful fantasy slain by an ugly fact.

Oh, I love this. It's an awesome read. It shows the cultic apostasy of Remnant still can be seen for what it is, no matter how much window dressing they move around, how much Photoshopping they do or how many glowy little testimonies they can cite. There is a God and He doesn't require diets to prove Himself, either.