Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama Or McCain - The Only Change Coming Is Of The Short Variety

This nation is heading for judgment no matter WHO runs it after the next election.

As a collective nation, we've tolerated sin and abomination among us in every sphere of human enterprise -- from Capital Hill to church to the family. We've winked at it, ignored it, and our sense of moral outrage collectively and effectively been anesthetized by the countless little compromises we've yielded throughout the years. The scandalous a few years ago is perfectly passe now .. and all of the debatable history of whether America was or is a "Christian nation" means, to paraphrase Henry Ford, bunk.

There is, IMHO, no prophetic pastiche of divine revelation to prove Obama is the Antichrist or McCain to be the next Revival leader. They are just two ambitious men who delusionally think they'll get "America back on track." The problem is that their individual shticks are no answers to the rot we wallow in and there's not a thing they are going to do that will turn us back. They're going to try to be the ringmaster in the next American circus in Washington - which will address NOTHING that will change the moral climate of this nation.

America is already poised for a spanking of epic proportions. If unpopular wars abroad, diseases claiming those all around us, weather disasters, financial meltdowns and the moral blasphemies of the generally antichristian secular atmospher among us haven't been enough to get our attention, believe you me, God has no shortage of ways to do so. More are on the way. It has been said that if 9/11 was a wakeup call to America, then it's rolled over and gone back to sleep.

And the Christian church is hardly much better. Keith Green's haunting yet prophetic song is still right .. we're asleep in the light, so dead when "we've been well fed."

It's time to get ready to meet God. It's time we realize that taking up the evangelical hobbyhorse that leads us every 4 years and thinking our votes will urge Revival in is a piously fraudulent diversion. It's time we let our prayers be what they should be and not reckon they're a part of a salvo of first strikes on a Strongman. It's time we take heed to ourselves, lest we fall. It's time that we preach the Gospel and when necessary, as has been also well said, use words.

When Jesus comes, He won't be concerned about political activism - He will judge the nations.

Where do WE stand in the midst of that?