Friday, January 1, 2016

Art Still Imitates Life .. All Too Well

It's 2016 ... another year of apostasy has completed to seamlessly flow into another. In the last days, it's about the only thing we can really count on occurring in this crumbling world order.

Spiritual abuse, agenda-laden socialization and fallen human nature on every hand keeps breeding perfect storms of deceptive and cultic manipulation. It is so mundane that it can be found everywhere in human society. It's always noteworthy when it finds an uncommonly piercing light thrown on it.

The power of authoritarian social pressure that unethically compels people to make lifestyle decisions plainly inspired by the groupthink surrounding them is an old reality. People want to belong and be lead by those who promise them meaning, fulfillment and community based upon the allure of the group they are invited to join.  But this is not a phenomenon limited to religious cults. Oh by no means .. 

Click here to see a piercingly and painfully on target observation of how cults on college/university campus are often hidden in plain sight, thus allowing them to create parallel universes within them .. The young film student who created this exceedingly disturbing work has found her film being cut off from YouTube and other sources and vilified as a jealous wanna be. She's also lit up, in just a few months, a sizeable portion of the Internet.

We think as you watch this you'll get her point: Cultism truly is an equal opportunity scourge of humanity.

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